About Us

Network for Europe was established in Merseyside in 1986 by six Voluntary Sector organisations who had received European Funding and wanted to work together to find out more.

From these modest roots over two decades ago, Network for Europe has developed significantly and now occupies a unique and distinctive position within the region’s Voluntary Sector.  Since the closure of North West Network in 2011, Network for Europe has expanded our coverage from the sub-region of Merseyside to cover the whole North West region.

We are in regular contact with Voluntary and Community sector organisations across the North West of England and work strategically in partnership with all who want a better future for the region.

As well as working with the Public and Private Sectors in the area we also link to others nationally and across Europe.
Network for Europe’s three main activities are:

  • Information
  • Representation
  • Strategy

Network for Europe supports the development of the sector nationally, especially around Social Enterprise (and Procurement issues) and helps to increase the quality and professionalism of the Sector.

If you would like to keep up to date with news from the European Union that may be of interest to the Voluntary and Community sector and funding opportunities please contact us.