Action Plans

Local Action Plans provide a strategic framework through which the objectives set out in the Single Programming Document and associated Programme Compliment can be achieved. They are drawn up in partnerships representative of all those with a key interest in the proposed activities to be carried out in the Action Plan area. Action Plans can be proposed at the regional, sub-regional or local level, or specifically target themes such as business support and may contribute to the implementation of one or more Priorities. Local Action Plans can either be thematic or geographic. A Local Action Plan Partnership is responsible for ensuring the successful delivery of the Action Plan. Local Action Plan Partnerships monitor the progress of all projects approved under the Action Plan to ensure the outputsi are achieved and report progress to Programme Secretariats at Government Office (by Fund and Measurei) to demonstrate that the Action Plans are delivering the benefits intended.

The Accountable Body is the organisation which enters into the funding agreement with the Government. To enter into such an agreement the Accountable Body must be a legal entity, nominated to act on behalf of the Partnership in taking responsibility for the receipt and use of funding and for the realisation of the Action Plan. The Accountable Body can be either the Partnership itself (if it has formed a company limited by guarantee) or one of the members of the Partnership acting on behalf of the rest. The Accountable Body takes responsibility for the receipt and use of Structural Fundsi and for the achievement of the aims and objectives set out in the plan. The Accountable Body is formally accountable to the Programme Secretariat for the delivery of the agreed Action Plan and must ensure the requirements set out in the offer letter, the Administrative Guidance on Action Plans and in other associated guidance are met. Responsibilities include,

  • Establishing effective appraisal, approving and monitoring systems
  • Putting in place sound financial management systems which will ensure regularity, propriety and value for moneyi in the handling of Structural Funds
  • Maintaining an inventory of ERDFi aided assets
  • Claiming ERDF grant on behalf of other programme partners
  • Submitting audited annual accounts to Government Office
  • Notifying Government Office of any financial irregularities suspected in the use of ERDF funds and the actions proposed
  • Notifying Government Office of any income, profit or unexpected receipt in excess of the amount taken into account in determining the level of grant assistance

North West Network has contact details for approved Action Plans in the North West.