Application Process

Under direct bidding all applications should be sent to sector representatives by the timetabled deadline. All voluntary sector applications should be submitted to North West Network. Sector representatives have one week to check applications for eligibilityi. This process involves ensuring that all items of expenditurei are eligible, Public Match Fundingi Certificates are filled in correctly, signed and stamped, Promoters Declarations (if applicable) are filled in, Auditi and Validation codes are consistent, project start and end dates are within the permitted period and that questions are answered. If there are problems with the application at this stage the applicanti organisation will be contacted in order to rectify the situation. When you submit your application you need to include, * The original application form, signed and stamped Public Match Funding Certificates, the self-appraisal pro-forma and (if appropriate) Promoters Declarations * 4 copies of the original application form, self appraisal pro-forma and all certificates * 1 floppy disk with the exported application on – remember to write the name of your organisation and project on the disk and the project dossier numberi If you do not have a company stamp for the certificates please include company headed paper or compliments slips with the application stating that this is the case. Your application must be submitted on the latest interactive software – if in doubt please contact North West Network. Please note - your application will not be accepted if you have accessed and amended an old application that has already been submitted. The old application already has an audit and validation code and will not be accepted by Government Office North West systems. If you wish to use information from a previous application you will need to cut and paste from it into a new application. Once eligibility checks are complete all eligible applications are forwarded to Government Office North West for project selection.