Application Process

Lancashire LSCi's tender process is a one stage process. The application form is contained within their prospectus documentation. All tenders must be submitted on the Lancashire LSC Tender Form and a separate Tender Form must be completed for each Tender Specification for which you are applying. You may not merge Tender Specifications, nor mix and match elements from more than one. All sections must be completed in full and the document must be signed and dated by an appropriate person with authority in the organisation.

Lancashire LSC can only consider information that is contained within the Tender Form, so no supplementary folders, brochures or papers can be considered (and if any are received, they will be discarded).

Applicants must submit one original signed copy along with 3 photocopies to Lancashire LSC. Tenders will only be accepted in a hard copy format. Faxes or e-mails will not be accepted.

Tenders must be submitted to LSC Lancashire in a sealed envelope clearly identifying which tender specification the Tender refers to (please identify the Tender Specification Reference).

The Tender must then be sent in another envelope clearly marked 'For the Attention of the External Funding Manager - ESFi Tender Private and Confidential'.

In accordance with the rules of open and competitive tendering, under no circumstances are CFOs able to accept any late submissions. It is entirely the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that tenders are delivered by the deadline.