Application Process

LSCi Co-financingi application process

The tender process is a one-stage process; the ESFi Co-finance Tender Application Form consists of a word document and excel spreadsheet.

Tenders must be, two unbound A4 hard copies (Part A and Part B) and one electronic copy (preferably CD RoM (in Microsoft Word 2003 and Excel 2003), however other electronic media with the exception of email is acceptable) and must be delivered to reach the Procurement Northwest Team at:

Learning and Skills LSC
Procurement Northwest
9th Floor
Arndale House
Arndale Centre
M4 3AQ

by the deadline identified in the Invitation to Tender. Tenders should be clearly marked ‘Tender for Discretionary Funds’. Unfortunately Tenders received after this deadline will not be accepted.

Envelopes and packages containing tenders should bear no reference to the organisation wishing to tender by name; franking machines, which automatically print the company’s name should not be used. Envelopes and packages should be clearly marked using the tender label provided by Procurement Northwest. Tenders must be submitted to Procurement Northwest in a sealed envelope clearly identifying which tender specification the Tender refers to (please identify the Tender Specification Reference).

Organisations who are not currently an LSC Approved Supplier must complete a separate LSC Approved Supplier pack and submit this along with the Tender Application Form. Tenders will be received up to the time and date stated. Those received before their due date will be retained unopened until then. It is the responsibility of the organisation wishing to tender to ensure that their tender is delivered no later than the appointed time. The LSC does not undertake to consider tenders received after that time unless clear evidence of posting is available (i.e. clear postmark and/or certificate of posting).

The LSC will not automatically acknowledge receipt of tenders. Should you wish to confirm that your tender has been received please E-Mail:

A map of how to get to the above address can be found at the website link below.