Archive - 2003

June 26th

MWH Mersey Basin Week: October 3 – 12 2003

The 12th annual MWH Mersey Basin Week will take place between October 3 and 12 2003. The aim is to encourage communities to work together to clean up their local waterside environment.

June 2nd

Free Online Directory

A free online directory aims to help charities wanting information about the scope and range of services offered by national umbrella and resource agencies.

May 26th

NRU Set to Merge £92m Community Grant Streams

A single community grants programme looks set to be phased in from next year after the government admitted its empowerment funding needed clearer focus to achieve results.

May 12th

EC Adopts New SME Definition

On 6 May 2003 the Commission adopted a new Recommendation regarding its SMEi definition.