Archive - Apr 2004


April 30th

Oldham to Reinvent Itself

Plans to create a new community as a model of inter-cultural harmony have been set out in an ambitious vision for Oldham.

April 29th

Regions Reject Ringfenced Funds for Voluntary Sector

Controversial plans for a ringfenced fund for voluntary and community groups within regional development agencies’ ‘single pot’ have been dropped.

April 28th

Revised Deprivation Index

A new approach to mapping deprivation across England has been unveiled by the ODPM in a bid to pinpoint pockets of poverty more accurately.

April 22nd

Eligibility Guidance

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has published guidance on eligibilityi for housing and homelessness assistance for people coming to the UK from the ten countries joining the EUi on 1 May 2004.