Archive - 2005

February 16th

Russell Commission Enables Young People to Drive Volunteering Forward

95 per cent of young people want an active role in shaping their own volunteering opportunities according to research by the Russell Commission.

February 15th

Gender Equality Report 2005

The 2005 Gender Equality Report shows that while gender employment and education gaps are closing in the EUi, the gender pay gap has remained almost unchanged.

February 7th

Faith Communities Economic Contribution

Faith communities in England’s North West contribute between £69.6 million and £94.9 million per annum to the region’s economy it has been revealed.

February 4th

People Power — Your Views Can Change Lives

Wanted: 500 people who care about life in Wigan. The council–backed Citizens’ Panel has been helping to make big changes in the borough over the past few years.