Archive - 2006

July 10th

NW25D (0406) 2.2i Issued on the 26/6/06

Cheshire & Warrington LSCi is seeking to support providers and partnerships that will build on the successful elements of the E2E Extra programme that we have funded from November 2004 to-date.

NW25D (0406) 2.2h Issued on the 26/6/06

LSCi Cheshire & Warrington are seeking to support projects to work alongside the Cheshire (CYOT) and the Halton and Warrington Youth Offending Teams (HWYOT).

NW25D (0406) 2.1e Issued on the 23/06/06

The LSCi is seeking to fund project activity that will meet the Skills for Life needs of individuals that require a relatively short training intervention (up to approximately 30 guided learning hours)

Cheshire and Warrington LSC issue Invitation to Tender (07/07/06)

Cheshire and Warrington Learning Skills Council published five invitations to tender (ITT's) on 23 and 26 June 2006. They are all listed separately below.