Archive - 2006

October 26th

UK National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013

On the 23 October 2006, the UK government produced the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) which outlines the Government’s broad strategy for using the UK’s Structural Fundsi allocations

October 23rd

Cumbria Learning and Skills Council Funding Gateway for Discretionary Funds 2004 - 2008 Round 9

Cumbria Learning and Skills Council has secured further funding through the European Social Fund (ESFi) in addition to funding through the Local Intervention and Development Fund (LID) and now wish to

September 12th

Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) 2007

The future role of the third sectori in social and economic regeneration.


September 5th

Back to Reality

A National Housing Federation conference organised in conjunction with the North West Tenants and Residents Assembly on 13 September 206 in Manchester.