Archive - 2009

January 19th

Commission for the Compact Research


North West Network has been approached by a consultancy undertaking a study on European funding and the Third Sectori. Part of their research comprises highlighting real life case studies of projects that have been funded from European funds.

January 16th

Diversity and Community Cohesion Conference


This event is being held at the Contemporary Urban Centre Liverpool on 19 February 2009. The event has been put together by Liverpool John Moores University in Partnership with various public, faith, and voluntary sector organisations. The aim of this day-long event is to explore the underlying issues that pose a threat to cohesiveness in organisations and communities and steps that could be taken to create a just community.

Hubs for Growth Conference

03/02/2009 - 05/02/2009

This event is being held at the Harris Conference Centre, 253 Garstang Road, Preston, Lancashire PR2 9XB on 3 to 5 February 2009. The conference will discuss the development of sub regional cities within the context of the reformed EUi Regional Policy and Structural Fundsi and the Lisbon Agenda.

Train to Gain guides for the Third Sector


Train to Gain is the national skills Service that support employers of all sizes and in all sectors to improve the skills of their employees as a route to improving their business performance. Train to Gain has produced three guides for Third Sectori organisations: