The Cohesion Policy of tomorrow

Thu, 28/05/2009

Current Cohesion Policy programmes cover the period 2007-13, however the debate on post-2013 cohesion policy is already under way. Representatives of member states, regions and cities, members of the European parliament, the committee of the regions of the EU and the European economic and social committee, and all interested citizens are invited to take part in the debate.
The main issues of the debate are:

  • Improving the way regional and local resources from all territories are used, so that they contribute to the competitiveness of all Europe.
  • Focusing the policy more on results so that its impact can be measured.
  • Continue simplifying the process used to implement the policy, at the same time ensuring it remains effective.
  • Focusing the policy towards the future and helping regions deal with future challenges.

For further information on the main stages of the debate please visit: The Cohesion Policy of tomorrow