Commission for the Compact Research

Mon, 19/01/2009

North West Network has been approached by a consultancy undertaking a study on European funding and the Third Sectori. Part of their research comprises highlighting real life case studies of projects that have been funded from European funds. If you are interested in being a case study then please see the information that follows:

In Auriga Consultancy is looking for Third Sector organisations which may have a story to tell about their experiences with European Funding and would be willing to be the subject of case studies. The studies will focus on the experience of Third Sector organisations, but it will be important for the consultants to talk to others in the funding chain, so that they can get a properly rounded picture.

In Auriga Consultancy is looking for different sizes and types of organisations working at national, regional and local level, and for different funding streams and amounts, including ERDFi, ESFi Priorityi 1 and Priority 2, and small grants for community organisations.

The consultants envisage an initial short telephone conversation, followed by a meeting of about an hour and a half, and some follow up by e-mail or telephone.  They are able to offer to cover some staff costs of Third Sector organisations who are case study subjects. In Auriga Consultancy will report to the Compact Commission by the end of March, and expect that the Compact Commission will want to publish the case studies.  The Compact Commission will use the evidence to push for improvements in access for the Third Sector to European funding.

If anyone is interested in becoming a case study for this project please contact Carol Coventry of  In Auriga Consultancy at Email: