Consultation On Better Performance Set Up For Charity Sector

A strategy for improving performance in the voluntary sector has been commissioned by the Active Community Unit (ACU). To be developed by the Quality Standards Task Group (QSTG), one of the crucial principals of the project is that it is led by, informed by, and meets the needs of charities. For this reason, the QSTG has announced a wide-ranging consultation on the development of the strategy. An important part of this process will be consulting regularly with a Reference Group, which will act as a 'sounding board' to inform the content of the strategy. Membership of the reference group is free and open to everyone and QSTG says it is keen to hear the views of people from across the sector. There will be no meetings - instead the group will be consulted by email. A full briefing, which gives further details of both the strategy and the role of the Reference Group can be located at the following website.