Consultation on promoting Social Investment Funds as part of the Social Business Initiative

Wed, 13/07/2011 - Wed, 14/09/2011

The European Commission has announced a consultation on promoting Social Investment Funds as part of the Social Business Initiative.
All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. This includes social businesses, producers and distributors of investment funds and other financial products and services, institutional and retail investors, social rating agencies or social accreditation institutions, local, national and regional authorities, philanthropic organisations and networks, and any other stakeholders interested in the evolution of social business and social investments.
The consultation seeks feedback on possible options for aiding social businesses by means of investments from private individuals channeled through investment funds. Investment funds are an established mechanism for matching investors and those seeking investments, and could help social businesses get funding. Some initial feedback on the Single Market Act has suggested certain barriers to funding social businesses in this way might exist, because of the nature of these businesses, and possibly because of existing rules applying to those running funds. The consultation outlines some of the issues and asks for input on possible next steps.
The full consultation document is available here: The Social Business Initiative: Promoting Social Investment Funds
If you would like your comments and views to be part of the Network for Europe response to this consultation, then please contact Sharon McCarthy on
If you would like to respond directly, a direct link to the Commission’s website and consultation page is available here: Commission Consultation page