Cross Cutting Themes (CCT)

The European Commission has specified that all projects qualifing for European funding support must incorporate the Cross-Cutting Themes as these are essential for the achievement of a well balanced, sustainable and innovative economy. For the 2000–2006 programmes in the North West, the Cross-cutting Themes are:  Equal Opportunities, Sustainable Developmenti, Information Society (or ICTi). The aim of the Cross Cutting Themes is to improve the quality and legacy from each project and to add value to the European Union as a whole.

For further information and guidance documents about the Cross-Cutting Themes please see the right hand side of the page. 

Projects in the North West funded by Objective 2i and Objective 3i have risen to the Cross Cutting Themes challenge in a truly magnificent way. They are delivering award winning solutions with the aim of developing a competitive and sustainable economy which offers income and employment opportunities for all.

On 10 February 2006 a celebratory half-day event at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton was held. The aim was to present some excellent examples of what has been successfully achieved across this great region. Take the creativity collected together for this event and use it to enhance both your existing and new projects. The lessons and ideas showcased are transferable not only to European funded projects but to other funding streams as well.