Developing Community Leaders

Mon, 29/10/2007 - Wed, 31/10/2007

This event is being held at Trafford Hall, Ince Lane, Wimbolds Trafford, Chester CH2 4JP
This course is for people who are active in their communities and who find themselves in formal or informal leadership roles. You will learn the key skills
and tools to help you take on, and make a success of, leadership roles and responsibilities. It will help you to:

• Gain self-reliance and self-knowledge
• Sustain your leadership role over time and become comfortable with it
• Empower others to develop their own skills
• Learn how to promote a positive image of your group and your community – an empowered community is created by and with empowered individuals

You will action plan for your own development and to take the lessons learnt back to your community. For further information please visit:
Tel: 01244 300246. E-Mail: