DWP/JCP ESFi Procurement Process:
For the 2007-2013 ESF programme, DWP procurement approach will follow the prime contractor model. The term “Prime Contractor” is used to describe an arrangement under which DWP contracts with a single organisation to undertake the following three main functions: to provide directly a proportion of the specified provision; to sub-contracti the remainder of the specified provision to other organisations; to manage and monitor the performance and quality of the sub-contractors as well as all aspects of their own performance.
In order to engage with and meet the diverse needs of the key ESF target groups, DWP is clear that successful prime contractors will need to work closely with specialist providers, including the voluntary and community sector. To this end, opportunities for voluntary and community sector organisations lie in sub-contracting specialist provision from the prime contractors.

Activities funded under DWP/JCP:
For information about what activities DWP/JCP fund under their Co-financingi prospectus please visit: ESF Useful Documents

Tendering Rounds:
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