EAPN Structural Funds Manual 2009-2011

Mon, 20/04/2009

This is the third in a series of manuals published by the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN) for its members and more broadly for social inclusion Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) determined to ensure that the structural fundsi are effective instruments for making Europe a more inclusive society. The manual’s main aim is to focus on how NGOs can be a critical voice for social inclusion in the structural funds; how to use the opportunities that are still there; how to participate in the post - EQUAL arrangements; and first guidance in how to look to the next round.
The manual identifies the points at which NGOs can still challenge their governments to be more effective in using the funds. It provides a combination of information, examples, case studies, advice, suggestions and practical tips. Checklists are provided as action points for social inclusion NGOs to consider. Good practice case studies are used to illustrate the participation of NGOs in the new round. Some ‘bad practice’ examples are also included. For further information please visit: www.eapn.eu/images/docs/manual%20pdf_en.pdf