Engaging Effectively with the Statutory Sector and Implementing Compact

Mon, 01/06/2009

This training event is being held at Salford CVS, Manchester on 1 June 2009. With increased demands made on the voluntary and community sector when it comes to planning and delivering services, it is vital that representatives have the knowledge and skills to engage effectively with their statutory sector partners and ensure a positive outcome for the Third Sectori. This session will increase your understanding of the role of public services and their expectations. It will provide you with strategies to ensure your voice is heard and you are able to represent your sector in the strongest possible terms. The session includes an overview of Compact and how to use your local Compact to strengthen your position.
This training is provided by Empower. Empower - Support for the Voluntary Sector is a training provider with a reputation for providing high quality, accessible and relevant training to the voluntary and community sector. Empower works closely with voluntary sector infrastructure organisations to develop the capacity of voluntary and community groups large and small through their training and other services.
For further information please contact Email: info@empowersvs.co.uk or Telephone: 01276 500424.