ERDF - Investment Frameworks Revised: Your Views Sought

Fri, 27/02/2009

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDFi) Programme in the North West is delivered through 4 key Priorityi Areas, under which there are 11 more detailed Action Areas. For more information on ERDF please click here: ERDF 2007-2013

Each Action Area is driven by a comprehensive Investment Framework that details the types of activity to be funded, in addition to identifying the types of organisations that are best placed to deliver such projects.

Funding for ERDF projects will be allocated directly in accordance with the Investment Frameworks.
These Investment Frameworks are currently being revised and comments are invited on the drafts. You can view the drafts by clicking on this link: Draft Investment Frameworks

You can send you comments through to North West Network, contact Email: or comments can be emailed directly to Ruth Hollis at the North West Development Agency by 5pm, 27 February 2009. Contact Email: