ERDF Programme Governance

The Department for Communities and Local Government is the designated Managing Authorityi for all European Regional Development Fund (ERDFi) structural fund programmes in England.

The Regional Development Agencies had previously been responsible for delivering the English ERDF programmes on the ground, but following the abolition of the Regional Development Agencies, we are retaining the existing ERDF teams under the responsibility of the Department for Communities and Local Government. This will provide Government with a greater level of operational scrutiny, mitigating the risk of financial corrections imposed by the European Commission, while retaining the local expertise and experience of the existing teams. The London programme will be managed by the Greater London Authority. 

Local Management Committees

A Local Management Committee (LMC) has been formed to monitor, oversee and advise on the delivery of North West Operational Programme (NWOP). The role and function of the LMC is laid down by European Union legislation. The LMC is responsible for setting the direction for NWOP, driving NWOP forward, ensuring NWOP meets agreed objectives and targets and also for overseeing the strategic review of NWOP.

The LMC is chaired by the Department for Communities and Local Government's Directors. The committee draws its membership from government departments and a wide range and local partners. The North West LMC members include representatives from:

  • local authorities
  • higher and further education institutions
  • environmental bodies
  • the voluntary and private sectors
  • members of the business community

The North West LMC is assisted by two sub-committees:

  • the Performance and Monitoring Sub-Committee which assists the LMC in its duties in reviewing the Programme in more detail
  • the Merseyside Phasing In Sub-Committee which provides the LMC with further resources and informed comments to focus on Merseyside during its transitional 'phasing in' status.

For more information on ERDF governance in the North West please visit: ERDF North West

The North West ERDF Programme Delivery Team can be contacted on 0303 444 6520 or by Email: