ESF Operational Programme 2014-20 Consultation - Have your Say

Fri, 25/04/2014

The draft ESFi Operational Programme for 2014-20 has been issued for consultation. The ESF Operational Programme (OP) is the main document for setting out the strategy and priorities for use of the fund. It also contains high level information on how the fund will be delivered, managed and evaluated, including partnership arrangements. Once the Commission has approved the Operational Programme then the Programme can start.

Network for Europe is anxious for VCSE groups in the North West to have as much input into this consultation as possible.
To this end there are two ways that you and your organisation can have your say. You can of course choose to do them both.

If you do respond directly then Network for Europe would appreciate it if you would share your response with us

Your response to this questionaire will form part of the response that Network for Europe makes to the consultation.
Network for Europe has also prepared a document which gives a commentary on, and analysis of, key parts of the OP, which runs to over 100 pages. The intention of this document is to provide something that allows the structure of the OP to be visible, and to make it easy to quickly check specific items, by finding them, and then looking up in the original ESF OP document. To view the summary version that Network for Europe has prepared please visit: ESF OP - Network for Europe Summary

Note on timescales :
If you intend to respond directly the deadline for submission of comments in 5pm on the 9th May 2014.
If you prefer to respond to NFE's short questionnaire and have your views included in Network for Europe's response then complete the Survey Monkey questionairre by 5pm on Friday 2nd May 2014.

If you have any questions or queries about any aspect of this consultation please contact and we will endeavour to help you.