EU Information 2008 - What's new in European information?

Mon, 17/03/2008 - Wed, 19/03/2008

The European Information Association's (EIA)  Annual Conference will take place at the University of Chester on 17-18 March 2008. There is also a training day on 19 March 2008. The EIA is a professional organisation for people providing or interested in information with a European dimension. The Conference takes place over a two days and will open with an overview of what the Reform Treaty might mean for providers and seekers of EUi information. Other sessions will look at the role of the web in the Union's communication strategy, review developments in EU information over the previous 12 months, and show delegates how to keep track of the latest news. For further information please click on the document below. EIA Conference 2008 More details and bookings can be made via the EIA website:  If you would like to speak to someone about the conference you can email the Association or you can contact Eric Davies, Coordinator, European Information Association on Tel: 01244 552 137.