Further ESF LSC Procurement Round

Tue, 07/10/2008

The LSCi has launched a further ESFi procurement round. In total there are 17 Tender Specifications which have been issued, 11 of these are restricted to those organisations which have previously gained PQQ status with the LSC, these Tender Specifications were launched on 30th September 2008 and the deadline for responses is 19th November 2008. 

There are, however, a further 6 Tender Specifications which have been launched on 7 October 2008, these are Open Tender Specifications, therefore any organisation is able to apply to deliver these, the deadline for responses to these Tender Specifications is 26th November 2008.

For further information, copies of all Tender Specifications along with 2 documents which provide an overview of each Tender Specification please visit: