IAG - The Catalyst for Learning, National Conference 2010

Mon, 22/03/2010

This event is being held at the Lakeside Centre, Birmingham on 22 March 2010. The pathways and progression routes between every level and type of Learning, Education and Training from secondary school to post-graduate are becoming progressively more diverse and fragmented. Each reform, initiative, new qualification and the ways that these can be combined adds to the complexity of a changing landscape which includes:

  • A plethora of pathways and opportunities
  • Implementation of the 14-19 reform agenda
  • Varying opportunities for the FLT, NEET and disengaged cohorts
  • Schools diplomas
  • QCF qualifications
  • Apprenticeships
  • New learner record systems
  • The drive to greater numbers at University
  • Increasing availability of vocational degrees and foundation degrees
  • Greater selectivity by employers
  • Networks that tap into local education, training and employment opportunities

The challenge of taking in all the appropriate detail and relating this to individual learners is formidable and will test the knowledge and communication skills of every advisor in each of the various sectors. This one day conference will aim to bring together the growing demands on IAG, review the benefits of multi agency work and collaboration to deliver improved IAG provision.  Explore IAG issues of delivering impartial IAG and referral processes under the present fragmented system.  Investigate the new systems, qualifications and progression routes which will support advisors, policies and qualifications for the development of the IAG professionals. For further information please visit: IAG - The Catalyst for Learning, National Conference 2010