An Introduction to the Compact

Tue, 22/12/2009

The Commission for the Compact has published a short guide, An Introduction to the Compact, aimed at people who are unfamiliar with the compact agreement. The Compact is an agreement between the Government and the third sectori in England. It sets out commitments on both sides to improve the way in which the Government and the third sector work together for the benefit of communities and citizens. It also provides a framework for negotiating Local Compacts.
The Compact will have different implications for different parts of the sector. However, it will frame the relationship wherever a third sector organisation has dealings with public bodies. This holds true for organisations with a funding relationship with government, as well as informal organisations struggling to be heard on a policy question that they care passionately about.The Compact was developed from recommendations made in the 1996 Report of the Deakin Commission on the future of the voluntary sector.1 The Deakin Commission concluded that the Government should recognise the importance of the third sector’s diverse roles and its own responsibility to promote a thriving third sector. For further information please visit: An introduction to the Compact