Licensed to Skill - The Sectoral Approach to a Skilful Future

Tue, 02/02/2010 - Wed, 03/02/2010

This event is being held at the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull on 2 - 3 February 2010. The aim of this Conference is to celebrate how employers work through their Sector Skills Council (SSCs) to improve business performance through skills development of individuals.
A financial crisis, a crippling recession and an impending General Election have a profound effect on the shaping of the UK skills landscape, not to mention the implications of the Government’s Skills for Growth White Paper. The impact and value of SSCs cannot be underestimated in this landscape.
The road to recovery and prosperity centres on skills development and SSCs, driven with the strength and support of UK employers, large and small, remain at the heart of the UK’s economic recovery.
This Conference is the first UK Conference for the Alliance and also signposts the completion of the UKCES re-licensing process. It demonstrates that SSCs are a key resource for both employers and employees as the UK moves forward from the recession. Day 1 is dedicated to the sectoral approach to UK economic recovery, day 2 is dedicated to the Qualifications & Credit Framework Readiness and is free of charge. For further information please visit: Licensed to Skill - The Sectoral Approach to a Skilful Future