Negotiation and Influencing Skills for Community Leaders

Thu, 24/01/2008 - Fri, 25/01/2008

This event is being held at Trafford Hall, Ince Lane, Wimbolds Trafford, Chester CH2 4JP
This course is based on the principles that;

• You need to be reasonably confident in yourself to inspire confidence in others
• Negotiating and influencing can only be successful, at least in the long term, if they are based upon a respect for those you want to influence
The course will cover:
• Understanding the beliefs and values underpinning the work in communities
• Understanding how to build your own confidence and the confidence of others
• Responding to and dealing with setbacks
• Understanding and using key communication skills in order to influence others
• Being able to work with and help others in the community as they develop
• Identifying those with power and resources – understanding how to influence them by recognising their needs and interests
• Action planning for your own community projects

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