NWTWC Learning Exchange Seminar

Wed, 13/01/2010

This event is being held at County Hall, Preston, on 13 January 2010. This North West Together We Can (NWTWC) Learning Exchange Seminar will include national research and case studies illustrating the use of Neighbourhood Charters in rural and urban areas. The aim is to inform and enable participants to assess the relevance of Charters to their own situations.
The event is for interested individuals with limited previous knowledge or experience of Neighbourhood Charters with the format maximising opportunities for participants to identify what they know and need to know and to get their questions answered for informed action. This event will be followed by an Open Space Discussion Group to 2pm for those with unanswered questions. For further information please visit: NWTWC Learning Exchange Seminar - Neighbourhood Charters: Urban and Rural