Payment & Claims


ERDFi funds are claimed in arrears, organisations using ERDF to part-fund projects therefore need to have access to sufficient other funds prior to submitting quarterly claims based on monies defrayed. Payments are normally made within 6 weeks' receipt of each quarterly claim, provided claims are in order.


Claims should be made at least quarterly, although the offer letter may set a shorter period or may allow the Secretariati to adjust the period with the agreement of the applicant. Claims must be processed promptly in accordance with Departmental deadlines. Offer letters usually set a normal 3 week deadline for payments to be sent once a fully documented claim has been received unless the claim is rejected. As claims may not be fully documented and as these deadlines provide a 'norm', it is accepted that some claims will take longer. This will especially be the case where audits take place after the claim is received.

All grant claims must include (on the claim form) a fully completed monitoring statement that sets out forecast and outturn outputs and reports on progress to date. Differences should be explained when they occur. Reports on progress are also required if a claim was due, but is not made.

When completing claims, expenditure headings in the offer letter will be compared with expenditure being incurred against the cost code for that project.

Final Claim

At the end of a project a final report must be submitted detailing the achievements and success of the project. Final claims must include a narrative that describes both quantitative and qualitative outputs, and also identifies linkages to other projects. Claimants will need to state whether targets have been met, and assess whether initial targets were realistic, and provide any other explanation for shortfall or excess. Where outputs are still to be attained after the final claim, applicants should be asked to provide regular reports on progress, if this is not already required under the offer letter.

The terms of the offer letter require a proportion of the grant to be withheld pending the submission of the documentation confirming that the project has been satisfactorily completed, (which includes an independent auditor’s report to that effect). If the project has not been financially completed, (i.e. expenditure has not been fully defrayed), grant should only be paid on the part that has been finished. You should ensure that both the eligible costs have been defrayed and that performance targets expected to have been completed by the time of final payment have been achieved.