Payments and Claims

If your application is successful you will receive an offer letter and contract from Government Office, along with an invoice for the technical assistance levy of 1.2% of the ESFi grant. You will also receive a project profile pro-forma along with an advance and interim claim forms.

Technical Assistance Levyi
The Technical Assistancei levy has to be paid before you receive your first advance. This levy is distributed to regional partners for technical assistance within the Objective 3i regional Programme.

Project Profilei and Advance Claimi Forms
The project profile pro-forma documents your projected spend over the life of your project. When completing it remember to take into account potential variable activity over the length of the project. On this form it is up to you to decide whether you receive your payments monthly, quarterly or every six months.

You can make a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 claims within any 12 months.

First Advance
First advance of 30% of your ESF total on approval of the project, if your project runs for over a 12 month period then it is 30% of the first year of you project.

Auditi Certificates
Projects with an ESF grant of over £20,000 or projects that run over a 12 month period need to provide an external audit certificate. If your project runs for, lets say 18 months, you are required to provide an audit certificate for the first 12 months (from the start date) of the project and one for the final 6 months of the project.

Final Claim (Project Closure Report)
20% of your ESF grant is retained for final claim after the project completes. At the end of the project a Project Closure Report has to be submitted to Government Office North West. Government Office will release the final 20% of your ESF grant when satisfied with your Project Closure Report.
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