Priorities and Action Areas

The North West Operational Programme (NWOP) has 4 Priorities and 11 Action Areas. Overall the NWOP is focused on supporting and enhancing the competitiveness of the region, with a secondary focus on the creation of the right conditions for growth.

PRIORITY 1 - Stimulating Enterprise and Supporting Growth in Target Sectors and Markets
ACTION AREA 1-1. Developing high value new enterprise
ACTION AREA 1-2. Developing higher added-value activity in target regional sectors
ACTION AREA 1-3. Increasing sustainable consumption and production

PRIORITY 2 Exploiting Innovation and Knowledge
ACTION AREA 2-1. Exploiting the science and R&D base of the region
ACTION AREA 2-2. Encouraging innovation to improve productivity in all companies

PRIORITY 3 - Creating the Conditions for Sustainable Growth
ACTION AREA 3-1. Exploiting the economic potential of major gateways in Merseyside
ACTION AREA 3-2. Developing high quality sites and premises of regional importance
ACTION AREA 3-3. Supporting the improvement of the region’s visitor offer and image

PRIORITY 4 - Growing and Accessing Employment
ACTION AREA 4-1. Stimulate enterprise in disadvantaged communities and under-represented groups
ACTION AREA 4-2. Supporting linkages to key employment areas
ACTION AREA 4-3. Supporting employment creation for areas of regeneration need