Programme Information

In August 2003, the Programme Monitoring Regional Committee agreed a new governance structure for the Objective 2i and 3 Programmes, to be implemented from the 3rd of November. The Programme Monitoring Regional Committee remains as a joint committee dealing with both Objectives 2 and 3. The Programme Advisory Group (PAGi) and the County Working Groups have been disbanded. The formal governance structure for the Objective 2 Programme now comprises of,

  • Programme Monitoring Regional Committee
  • Performance Management Group
  • Objective 2 Advisory Group

This structure will be supported by four informal sub-regional networks facilitated by soon to be appointed sub-regional advisers. These groups will draw participation from appropriate local and sub-regional bodies such as the Learning and Skills Councils, Local Authorities, Local Strategic Partnerships, Jobcentre Plus and the Small Business Service amongst others.

Programme Monitoring Regional Committee
The overall responsibility for monitoring progress of Objective 2 lies with the Programme Monitoring Regional Committee (PM/RC) which normally meets at least twice a year. These responsibilities include; providing strategic guidance, monitoring and evaluation against targets, agreeing significant changes to the Programme (for example the transfer of financial allocations between individual Priorities). Nominated representatives from the public, private and voluntary sector across the North West are represented on this committee.

Performance Management Group
The Performance Management Group ensures that the Objective 2 and Objective 3i Programmes effectively contribute to regional and sub-regional strategic priorities and identify any areas of underperformance and develop recommendations on behalf of the PM/RC.

The Objective 2 Advisory Group was established to support the PMRCi.

Objective 2 Advisory Group
The Objective 2 Advisory Group (O2AG) is responsible for overseeing and improving the delivery of the Objective 2 Programme in the region. It is responsible for approving regional and sub-regional projects, for developing amendments to the Programme Compliment, Project Selection Framework and Programme Management arrangements. Additionally it has responsibility for identifying opportunities for capturing and disseminating best practice and to identify how the respective programmes can better align activity and delivery structures with existing local and sub-regional structures. As the 2000-2006 Programme draws to a close, the final formal meeting of the Group the membership was held in December 2006. The group will be maintained in future to operate as a ‘virtual’ e-mail group on key consultation issues, as and when required.

The Secretariati
The Secretariat administers and implements the Objective 2 Programme in the North West on behalf of the Partnership. The Secretariat functions are provided by Government Office for the North West based in Manchester. The European Programmes Secretariat has responsibility for servicing Programme Committees; the appraisal of Action Plans; appraisal of ERDFi applications that are above the limits of delegation to Action Plan partners; making recommendations to the Project Selection Groups; monitoring of Programme and systems and payment of grant claims.

At the Programme level, a Partnership has been established between all the relevant organisations (public, private and voluntary sectors, the European Secretariat, the Government and the European Commission). Co-operation and collaboration between different organisations is a key principle of European Structural Fund Programmes. The creation of inter-agency partnerships is desirable as a means to prevent duplication of activities and facilitate a comprehensive approach to economic development.

2007 Meetings

Objective 2 Advisory Group
The group will be maintained to operate as a 'virtual' e-mail group on key consultation issues, as and when required. If you would like further information please contact a member of the European Team.

Scheduled meetings of the PM/RC in 2007 will take place as follows:

Wednesday 21 March 2007 (Salford)
Wednesday 26 September 2007 (Cheshire)
Tuesday 18 December 2007 (Manchester)

Scheduled meetings of the PMG in 2007 will take place as follows:

Thursday 1 March 2007 (Manchester)
Thursday 24 May 2007 (Manchester)
Wednesday 5 September 2007 (Manchester)
Tuesday 27 November 2007 (Manchester)