Project Selection

Cheshire and Warrington LSCi applies open and competitive tendering practices and details of Invitations to Tender are advertised through the local press, the Learning Times (the local Council’s newsletter) and are also made available though Cheshire and Warrington’s interactive Prospectus and the local Council’s pages on the LSC's Website.

With regards to Project Selection, a panel of ‘lead’ personnel drawn from relevant functions within the local Council as well as personnel from partner organisations will conduct strategic assessments of the submitted proposals. Following the panel’s assessment, the Council will contact the applicant and inform them of the panel’s decision.

Cheshire and Warrington LSC will provide additional support to external appraisers who will be selected based on experience and expertise in certain sector areas. This support will provide knowledge and understanding in the selection process.

Appraisal and Selection

The information the provider submits in the tender document will be assessed against standard objective criteria. Fields that determine the selection of projects are labeled ‘S’ (selection). The following fields fit into this grouping:

  • Linkage to the tender specification
  • Timescales
  • Linkages to other provision
  • Partnership arrangements
  • Added value
  • Outcomes
  • Activity management
  • Financial information
  • Cross-cutting themes
  • Sustainability

The fields labeled ‘A’ (additional) represent additional information to support the appraisal and selection of projects. These fields are:

  • Geographic area of delivery
  • Target groups
  • Submission to any other funding steams
  • Current contracting arrangements

Finally, the field labelled ‘O’ (optional) represents optional information, which will not be used in the appraisal process. This field is:

  • Other information

The local Council will operate with a red, amber or green appraisal system as follows:

  • Red – Information submitted is not sufficient/inadequate in the majority of the selection criteria. Additional/other information is also required
  • Amber – Information submitted is not sufficient/inadequate in only one or two selection criteria, but most sections meet the requirements. Additional and/or optional information is provided where appropriate, but requires further clarification
  • Green – All selection criteria fulfilled and additional/optional information is provided where appropriate

Feedback Arrangements

All applicants will receive feedback on their applications and successful providers and agreed activities will be published. In the interests of openness and transparency, the LSC will also publish headline reports on the progress of successful projects. As part of the feedback process, the LSC will encourage providers to work together resulting in more integrated proposals, especially where providers are proposing similar or linked projects.