Project Selection

The selection criteria for projects is based on an assessment of how each individual project meets the requirements of the prospectus in the five key areas,

  • Appropriateness of the project and links to project specifications in the prospectus
  • Delivery of the project
  • Management and quality assurance of the project and learning experience
  • Integration of cross cutting themes
  • Value for money

Step 1 – Strategic Fit
Each tender will be reviewed by a cross-LSCGM team of Senior Managers to see that the proposal fits with the Learning and Skills Council’s specification, as identified in the Prospectus, and that the organisation is eligible to receive funds.

Those that are not deemed to fit closely enough, or are ineligible to receive funds, will be deemed unsuccessful.

Step 2 – Technical Appraisal
Two staff, independent of each other, will complete detailed appraisals and both will assign scores. Applications with widely varying scores will be moderated by an LSCGM Senior Manager.

Applications not meeting the minimum score threshold will be deemed unsuccessful.

Step 3 – Package Development
When letting contracts to more than one delivery organisation, the applications will be reviewed to ensure a suitable geographical and thematic coverage of projects matched to areas of need. A package of activity will then be presented to a Senior Panel.

Step 4 - Panel Decision
The Panel will discuss the recommendations made and make a decision on proposals under each project area. Following this decision, applicants will be informed of the outcome.