Project Selection

Jobcentre Plus operates a fair, open and transparent competitive tendering exercise. The selection system has been designed in consultation with the DWP/DfESi ESFi Division and GONWi to make sure that the best projects are chosen which meet the needs of the region/district within the available ESF budget. The system is also designed to avoid the duplication of any activities.
The selection system consists of the following stages:

  • Applicants to complete the 'Application Form for Jobcentre Plus Co-Financed Projects North West Region' and submit to Jobcentre Plus by the agreed deadline
  • Applications are appraised against published 'Co-Financingi Evaluation Criteria' and are scored
  • Partner organisations which are not Jobcentre Plus approved providers may subsequently be required to complete an Approved Provider Application Form to demonstrate, with evidence the application of quality in achievement, delivery and management
  • Clarification meetings are held with applicant organisations, where required
  • Project Development
  • Jobcentre Plus conducts post tender negotiations with successful applicants
  • Issue contracts to successful applicants
  • Jobcentre Plus will notify unsuccessful applicants in writing and offer feedback on proposals if requested by the applicant. Unsuccessful applicants can appeal against the decision, however, Jobcentre Plus’ final decision will be binding

A minimum quality threshold will be determined by Jobcentre Plus regions across each of the Measurei Levels. Only projects scoring at this level or above for a particular Measure Level will go forward for appraisal. Appraisal will assess the information, how it fits with the aims and objectives of the Jobcentre Plus, value for moneyi, duplication of existing provision, location of project, financial viability of the provider and external inspection reports where available e.g. Adult Learning Inspectorate/OfSTED.

Questions 1-8 of the Provider Proposal Form are subject to scoring, with 4 possible scores:
0     Little or no evidence presented
3     Some evidence but not fully substantiated
7     Majority of areas addressed with well-supported evidence
10   Excellent, fully evidenced proposal

Each question is scored using the range above. They are then given a weighting indicating the relative importance of the question. Jobcentre Plus North West Region will determine the weightings based on the importance of particular questions in relation to the aims and objectives of the Co-Financing Plan and the Regional Development Plan.

As each question is weighted according to importance, the initial scores for each question are multiplied by the weighting allocated. The sum of the weighted scores provides a total score for the project. Projects will either go forward for appraisal or be rejected dependant on whether the total score meets the required quality threshold.
Questions 9-15 of the application form are not scored, this information will however be used in the appraisal process.