Register an interest with GM Futures for future ESIF funding rounds in GM - Deadline Friday 23rd October

Wed, 21/10/2015 - Fri, 23/10/2015
  DEADLINE TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST FOR ESIF CALLS HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO 5pm ON FRIDAY 23RD OCTOBER 2015Organisations that have expressed or would like to express an interest to GM Futures in delivering sub-contracts under Greater Manchester’s 2014-2020 ESIF round are required to re-register through a new electronic tendering systemTo register, go to complete the registration questionnaire. IMPORTANT NOTES:
  • If you had previously filled in a Stage 1 Expression of Interest (EoI) for GM Futures, you will be able to copy and paste your previous answers into this new Intend system questionnaire.
  • There have been a number of queries about Question 16, requiring organisations’ UKPRN number. Please enter “0” if your organisation does not have a UKPRN number so you can complete the questionnaire. If you wish to obtain a UKPRN number, please register at UK Register of Learning Providers
  • Please ensure that other members of your organisation are aware of where your application login details are in order to complete the questionnaire.
  • The system will not accept submissions after 5pm on Friday 23rd October 2015.
  • For assistance on your registration, please contact

Background informationAs lead applicanti for several ESFi lots, the Manchester Growth Company, on behalf of GM Futures, has introduced a new electronic tendering system, Intend, to enable GM Futures to operate a more efficient and effective sub-contracting process and support improved communication to and from providers.GMCVO is a member of the GM Futures partnership ( and believes that working with Greater Manchester institutions is the best way to maximise inclusion of the voluntary sector. Consequently, GMCVO encourages interested VCSE organisations to register or re-register their interest in anticipation of the forthcoming European calls expected to come through from October 2015.All future sub-contracting opportunities for ESF through Manchester Growth Company* will be advertised via the Intend system; therefore organisations must now (re)register their interest via Intend as opportunities will no longer be notified via the GM Futures inbox.The registration portal is currently open to both existing and new providers.Some organisations might have to re-enter some information previously submitted. However, it is possible to copy and paste any text from the original Stage 1 Expression of Interest (EoI) into the online form. If no EoI was previously submitted, please complete the form as instructed.Once registered, organisations will receive Stage 2 Expressions of Interest for opportunities they indicated they were interested in via Intend, as they are released by the commissioning organisation, eg the SFA.* Please note that organisations registering their interest in being involved in GM Futures bids might also be approached by other bidders. In most cases it is possible to join more than one supply list. GMCVO stresses that it is the responsibility of each organisation to consider the merits of different bidders and decide which offer(s) to take up.