Skills Funding Agency

Ths Skills Funding Agency is a new agency set up by the government to fund and regulate adult skills training in England. Ths Skills Funding Agency has taken over the work of the Learning and Skills Council, which closed down on 31 March 2010.

The Skills Funding Agency is an agency of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). The job of the Agency is to fund and regulate adult FE and skills training in England. They are part of a network of organisations in the country who commission, manage and market training for adults. The mission of ths Skills Funding Agency is to ensure that people and businesses can access the skills training they need to succeed in playing their part in society and in growing England’s economy. Ths Skills Funding Agency does this in the context of policy set by BIS and informed by the needs of businesses, communities and regions, and sector and industry bodies.

Skills Funding Agency Procurement Process:
For information about how the Skills funding Agency works with the European Social Fund please visti: Skills Funding Agency ESF information
Activities funded under the Skills Funding Agency:
For information about what activities the Skills Funding Agency funds under the Co-financingi prospectus please visit: ESF Useful documents
Tendering Rounds:
To find out information regarding open calls for tenders from the Skills Funding Agency please visit: Skills Funding Agency Website
Alternatively you can contact us at Network for Europe.