Useful Documents

Objective 2i Documentation

The Single Programming Document (SPDi)
SPD: The Single Programming Document provides information on the way the Objective 2 Programme will be delivered in the region and details the priorities and measures under which funding can be applied for.

The Programme Complement (PC)
PC: The Programme Complement sets out in further details activity to be funded in the North West region.

Information Notes:

A series of guidance notes from Government Office North West

Note 1 – A Model ERDFi Application

Note 2 – ERDF Eligible Activities and Expenditurei

Note 3 – ERDF Grant Rates

Note 4 – ERDF Private Infrastructure Projects

Note 5 – In Kind Contributions

Note 6 – State Aids

Note 7 – ERDF Terminology: A Glossary of Terms

Note 8 – Guidance on Definitions and Monitoring of Performance Measures

Action Plan Application Form

Project Scoring Criteria

All the above documents are available from

2001 - 2003 National Action Plan for Social Inclusion

The North West Development Agency has published the following documents

England's Northwest: A Strategy Towards 2020

England's Northwest: A Strategy Towards 2020 - Economic Baseline

Report and Labour Market Assessment

Learning & Skills Action Plan

Northwest e-Commerce Survey 2000

Connect Northwest: An ICTi Strategy for Northwest England

The Right Angle on Skills - Northwest Regional Skills Strategy

All the above documents are available from

Learning and Skills Council documents can be found at:

The Small Business Service

Objective 2 Post Code Checker

Structural Funds Manual

Objective 2 Annual Monitoring Report 2004

Objective 2 Implementation Report 2003

Project Selection Criteria - Priority 1 Projects

Project Selection Criteria - Priority 2 Projects

Project Selection Criteria - Priority 3 Projects

The ICT Toolkit

Monitoring Assurance Framework

North West England Objective 2 Structural Funds Programme Annual Implementation

Report 2005 and Annual Monitoring Report 2006

Government Office North West structural fund documents