Wed, 29/03/2017 - Mon, 31/12/2018

Today, the 29th March 2017, saw the UK give formal notice to the European Union of our intention to leave.

There now begins up to 2 years of negotiations on what our future relationship with the EUi will be.
Brexit will mean the loss of European funding in the form that we have known it over the past few decades.
Network for Europe , working with partners in the VCSE Sector across the North of England are developing a project to respond to the loss of these funds and to develop a response from the VCSE.

Of course EU funding is about money.

But it’s also about the way the money is spent and what it is spent on.

EU funding promotes innovative projects , based on partnerships which support inclusion, gender equality ,and protection of the environment.

It’s important then that we lobby and campaign, not just to make sure the EU cash is replaced, but to protect the kind of projects that have previously been supported by EU funds.

The VCSE Brexit Project we are developing will :
provide up to date information on the current progress with the Brexit negotiations and relevance for the VCSE Sector.
undertake research to assess the impact of the loss of funds.
develop priorities for the future of funds to replace the European funds being lost.
- campaign and lobby to ensure the VCSE voice is heard throughout the Brexit negotiations in Europe, in govt and amongst devolved authorities and LEPs.
The VCSE Brexit Project will produce a regular information bulletin, organise briefings across the North of England and a conference in the Autumn of 2017.
In the next two weeks the project will be launched along with a fundraising page to provide resources to undertake the work of the project.
Please look out for further information about the project. 
If you want to register an interest today, make a contribution to the project or just or find out more please email John Hacking, Senior European Officer, Network for Europe  
I hope you will support and get involved in this project to make sure our sectors voice is heard and that our priorities are included in negotiations about the future. 
Network For Europe