Volunteering for the Future: New Approaches and New Ideas

Tue, 09/06/2009 - Sat, 13/06/2009

This conference is being held at The Manchester Museum, Manchester, M13 9PL on 9 -13 June 2009. This event is the project conference of the European project ‘Volunteers for Cultural Heritage’ (VoCH) which is funded by the European Commission in Brussels as part of the Lifelong Learning Programme. The project is exploring the role of volunteers and the voluntary sector for preserving cultural heritage and running cultural institutions at European level, identifying different types of voluntary work and the areas of activity in which cultural volunteers are engaged. For further information on this project please visit: www.amitie.it/voch/index4.htm
The conference “ Volunteering for the Future: new approaches and new ideas will explore the future role of volunteers in cultural institutions. It aims to explore the current trends that, in a perspective of active citizenship and inclusivity demand that institutions consider innovative and emerging practice as a means to engage with non-traditional volunteers, vocational and skills development and cross sector partnerships.
For further information please visit: www.amitie.it/voch/index3.htm