The Welfare Reform Symposium: Removing Barriers and Raising Aspirations

Tue, 03/03/2009

This event is being held at One Whitehall Place, Westminster, London on 3 March 2009. The Government recently launched the third phase of its welfare reform programme with the publication of a White Paper Raising Expectations and Increasing Support: Reforming Welfare for the Future, on 10th December 2008. The White Paper details the Government's plan to create a simpler and more personalised welfare state, where welfare support is matched by greater responsibility and higher expectations. Key measures include:

  • Personalised conditionality
  • Greater requirements to undertake work, training or other activity in preparation for work
  • Giving disabled people greater choice and control
  • Devolving power to private, voluntary and public providers

This special Symposium, hosted by the Centre for Parliamentary Studies, will offer a timely opportunity for local authorities, central government departments/agencies and other stakeholders to discuss the progress of the welfare reform programme to date and consider the implications of the proposals set out in the White Paper. Delegates will have the opportunity to debate, share good practice and assess the longer term outlook for a robust yet fair welfare system that can withstand the current economic difficulties and also meet future challenges. For further information please visit: