What can Europe do for you? Unlocking effective EU resources

Mon, 21/11/2011

This event is being held at Europe House, Smith Square, London SW1P on 21 November 2011 from 13:30 to 17:00. This is a free event, organised by NCVO and Euclid, lunch is kindly provided by the European Commission between 1-2pm the event will give you an opportunity to learn about current European funds and future opportunities for the voluntary and community sector.

Civil society strategic partners come together in dialogue with the Office for Civil Society and the European Commission as well as wider government departments to identify better ways to access European funds. European funds still account for many millions of pounds that reach civil society organisations every year, in tighter economic times it is more important than ever to maximise these.

This event will consider practical lessons learned from the use of European funds in the UK and highlight how civil society can make better use of these in the future, including ESFi, ERDFi and other major European programmes. Speakers include high-level representatives from across the civil society sector and the UK government, including Office for Civil Society Minister, Nick Hurd MP.

The event will consist of two sessions:

  • Session 1: Structural Fundsi: How to maximise the use of European Social Fund, ERDF and Structural Funds at the cross-roads
  • Session 2: Wider European Funds, Linking with Brussels: Progress, Europe for Citizens and Europe Aid, Linking with Brussels and across borders: Opportunities with cultural funds, UK case studies on European funding

This event is an opportunity to understand the key European funds available and is accessible to all civil society organisations interested in applying for European funding and European funding policy.

To book a place in this event please visit: What can Europe do for you? Unlocking effective resources

For further information on this event please contact Network for Europe on 0151 237 3972 or email info@networkforeurope.eu