What We Do


Network for Europe provides a comprehensive package of support measures to the region's Voluntary and Community sector in all matters relating to the European Union. Services provided reflect the requirements of member organisations and the wider sector. 

Specifically bringing forward activities that support the following operational objectives of Network for Europe:

Maintaining voluntary sector confidence to access European Structural Fundsi Network for Europe is the Voluntary Sector regional partner for the North West ESFi and ERDFi Structural Fund Programmes. Aiming to maximise voluntary sector accession to Structural Funds, Network for Europe is working to develop and integrate service provision across the ESF and ERDF Programmes in the North West by providing training, representation, advice and support to the voluntary sector.

Development of wider funding and grant support services Network for Europe has a track record of representing the voluntary sector as regional partner to the European Structural Funds. Building on this experience Network for Europe seeks to develop and maintain a strategic position of knowledge and influence over funding programmes that affect the Voluntary and Community sector in the region. Network for Europe has responded well to the changes in how European Structural Funds are distributed by successfully working in partnership with European funding stakeholders in the North West.

Development of wider intelligence and information dissemination on European affairs With imminent changes to the availability of European funding in the North West, Network for Europe is well placed to expand its information services to the Voluntary and Community sector covering a wider field of European affairs. To achieve this wider coverage Network for Europe seeks to continue working in partnership and collaboration with European funding stakeholders in the North West.

How Network for Europe Can Support You

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