Working Futures 3: Economic Forecasts in the North West

Thu, 30/04/2009

The Working Futures Economic forecasts are produced by the University of Warwick’s Institute for Employment Research for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. They provide employment volume projections for the period 2007 to 2017. Also containing historic data by industry sector and occupation, as well as supplying information on gender, employment status and levels of replacement demand.

This report presents an analysis of one possible future for the North West, and may be useful to inform planning. However, the source datasets this report is based on are estimate-based forecasts, produced before the economic downturn took place, therefore employment volumes in some industry sectors may have changed significantly. – A strong caveati placed on this information: The forecasts should be used along side other information sources to inform planning and policy making. For further information please visit:  Working Futures 3 Economic Forecasts in the North West